1. Application of Schedule

(1) This Schedule applies to the remuneration of —
(a) administrators;
(b) liquidators in creditors' voluntary windings up or windings up by the Court; and
(c) liquidators in members' voluntary windings up where expressly specified (but not otherwise).
(2) The paragraphs of this Schedule which by virtue of sub-paragraph (1)(c) apply in members' voluntary windings up are paragraphs —
(a) 2 (Remuneration: principles);
(b) 3(5) to (8) and (10) (Remuneration: procedure for initial determination);
(c) 5(1), (6) and (7) (Remuneration: recourse by administrator or liquidator to the Court);
(d) 7 (Remuneration: new administrator or liquidator);
(e) 8 (Remuneration: apportionment of set fees);
(f) 9(1)(c), (2), (3), (4) and (5) to (8) (Creditors' or members' claim that remuneration is, or other expenses are, excessive); and
(g) 10 (Remuneration in winding-up where assets realised on behalf of charge holder).
(3) This Schedule does not apply to the remuneration of provisional liquidators.