FUNDS 8.1 Regulator Notification

Past version: effective from 21/10/2015 - 20/10/2015
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(1) An Authorised Person must, within 30 days of commencing marketing any Fund in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, notify the Regulator of certain details relating to the Fund, being:
(a) the name of the Fund;
(b) the structure and type of vehicle of the Fund; and
(c) the investment policy and strategy of the Fund.
(2) The Regulator may require such notification to contain, and be accompanied by, such other information as the Regulator may reasonably require.
(3) Rule 8.1 does not require a Fund Manager to make any notification to the Regulator in respect of a Fund where a registration or notification has already been made in respect of that Fund under Section 107 or Section 112 of FSMR.