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1. The records required to be kept under Rule 15.4.1 may be kept in electronic format, provided that such records are readily accessible and available to respond promptly to any Regulator requests for information.
2. If the date on which the business relationship with a Customer has ended remains unclear, it may be taken to have ended on the date of the completion of the last Transaction.
3. The records maintained by a Relevant Person should be kept in such a manner that:
a. the Regulator or another competent authority is able to assess the Relevant Person's compliance with legislation applicable in the ADGM;
b. any Transaction which was processed by or through the Relevant Person on behalf of a Customer or other third party can be reconstructed;
c. any Customer or third party can be identified; and
d. the Relevant Person can satisfy, within an appropriate time, any regulatory enquiry or court order to disclose information.