934. Scheme of this Part

Past version: effective from 29/04/2020 - 28/04/2020
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(1) The scheme of this Part is as follows.
(2) The following provisions apply generally (to the Registrar, to any functions of the Registrar, or to documents delivered to or issued by the Registrar under any law or regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, as the case may be)−
sections 935 to 938 (the Registrar),
sections 942 to 945 (delivery of documents to the Registrar),
sections 946 to 950 (requirements for proper delivery),
sections 954(1), 954(4) and 954(5) and 966 (keeping and production of records),
section 957 (preservation of original documents),
sections 980 to 982 (language requirements: transliteration),
sections 983 and 986 to 989 (supplementary provisions).
(3) The following provisions apply in relation to companies (save as expressed therein) −
sections 939 and 940 (certificates of incorporation),
section 941 (companies’ registered numbers),
sections 951 to 953 (public notice of receipt of certain documents),
sections 954(2), 955, 956 and 958 (the register),
sections 959 to 965 (inspection of the register),
sections 968 to 973 (correction or removal of material on the register), and
sections 984 and 985 (supplementary provisions).
(4) The following provisions apply as indicated in the provisions concerned−
sections 974 to 975 (the Registrar’s register of company names),
sections 976 to 979 (language requirements: translation).