32. Determination of rules of procedure

Past version: effective from 17/12/2015 - 16/12/2015
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(1) The parties are free to agree on the procedure to be followed by the arbitral tribunal in conducting the proceedings.
(2) In the absence of such agreement, the arbitral tribunal may conduct the arbitration in such manner as it considers appropriate. The power conferred upon the arbitral tribunal includes the power to determine the admissibility, relevance, materiality and weight of any evidence.
(3) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the tribunal has the power to order a claimant to provide security for the costs of the arbitration. This power shall not be exercised on the ground that the claimant is (a) an individual ordinarily resident outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market, or (b) a corporation or association incorporated or formed other than in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, or whose central management and control is exercised outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(4) In all cases, the arbitral tribunal must adopt procedures which are suitable to the circumstances of the particular case and which avoid unnecessary delay and expense.