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(a) With the consent of the Panel, the Bidder may switch from a scheme of arrangement to a contractual offer or from a contractual offer to a scheme of arrangement, whether or not the Bidder has reserved the right to change the structure of the offer.
(b) The Panel will determine the offer timetable that will apply following any switch to which it consents.
(c) The Bidder must announce a switch in accordance with the requirements of Paragraph 2.9. The announcement must include:
(i) details of all changes to the terms and conditions of the offer as a result of the switch;
(ii) details of any material changes to the other details originally announced pursuant to Paragraph 2.7(c);
(iii) an explanation of the offer timetable applicable following the switch (as determined by the Panel); and
(iv) an explanation of whether or not any irrevocable commitments or letters of intent procured by the Bidder or any person acting in concert with it will remain valid following the switch.