19. The hearing

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(1) At the hearing of the administration application, any of the following may appear or be represented —
(a) the applicant;
(b) the Company;
(c) one or more of the Directors;
(d) if an administrative receiver has been appointed, that person;
(e) any person who has presented a petition for the winding-up of the Company;
(f) the person proposed for appointment as administrator of the Company;
(g) any person that is the holder of a qualifying charge; or
(h) with the permission of the Court, any other person who appears to have an interest justifying his appearance.
(2) If the Court makes an administration order, it shall be in the prescribed form.
(3) If the Court makes an administration order, the costs of the applicant, and of any person whose costs are allowed by the Court, are payable as an expense of the administration.
(4) Where the Court makes an administration order in relation to a Company upon an administration application under Section 39 (Application where Company in liquidation), the Court shall include in the order —
(a) in the case of a liquidator appointed in a voluntary winding-up, his removal from office;
(b) details concerning the release of the liquidator;
(c) provision for payment of the expenses of the liquidation;
(d) provisions regarding any indemnity given to the liquidator;
(e) provisions regarding the handling or realisation of any of the Company's property in the hands of or under the control of the liquidator;
(f) such provision as the Court thinks just with respect to matters arising in connection with the liquidation; and
(g) such other provisions as the Court shall think just.