996. Rules about where certain company records to be kept available for inspection

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) The Board may make rules specifying places other than a company's registered office at which company records required to be kept available for inspection under a relevant provision may be so kept in compliance with that provision.
(2) The "relevant provisions" are—

section 118 (register of members),

section 156 (register of directors' residential addresses),

section 292 (register of secretaries),

section 215 (directors' service contracts),

section 223 (directors' indemnities),

section 360 (records of resolutions etc),

section 642 (contracts relating to purchase of own shares),

section 660 (documents relating to redemption or purchase of own shares out of capital by private company),

section 682 (register of debenture holders),

section 737 (report to members of outcome of investigation by public company into interests in its shares),

section 740 (register of interests in shares disclosed to public company),

section 798 (instruments creating charges).
(3) The rules may specify a place by reference to the company's principal place of business, the place at which the company keeps any other records available for inspection or in any other way.
(4) The rules may provide that a company does not comply with a relevant provision by keeping company records available for inspection at a place specified in the rules unless conditions specified in the rules are met.
(5) The rules—
(a) need not specify a place in relation to each relevant provision,
(b) may specify more than one place in relation to a relevant provision.
(6) A requirement under a relevant provision to keep company records available for inspection is not complied with by keeping them available for inspection at a place specified in the rules unless all the company's records subject to the requirement are kept there.