604. Re-registration as private company in consequence of cancellation

Past version: effective from 14/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
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(1) Where a company is obliged to re-register as a private company to comply with section 602, the directors may resolve that the company should be so re-registered.

Chapter 3 of Part 3 (resolutions affecting a company's constitution) applies to any such resolution.
(2) The resolution may make such changes—
(a) in the company's name, and
(b) in the company's articles,
as are necessary in connection with its becoming a private company.
(3) The application for re-registration must contain a statement of the company's proposed name on re-registration.
(4) The application must be accompanied by—
(a) a copy of the resolution (unless a copy has already been forwarded under Chapter 3 of Part 3),
(b) a copy of the company's articles as amended by the resolution, and
(c) a statement of compliance.
(5) The statement of compliance required is a statement that the requirements of this section as to re-registration as a private company have been complied with.
(6) The Registrar may accept the statement of compliance as sufficient evidence that the company is entitled to be re-registered as a private company.