93. Supplementary provision about certain Behaviour

Past version: effective from 20/10/2015 - 24/06/2018
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(1) Behaviour is to be taken into account for the purposes of this Part only if it occurs —
(a) in the Abu Dhabi Global Market; or
(b) in relation to —
(i) Financial Instruments which are admitted to trading on a Prescribed Market situated in, or operating in, the Abu Dhabi Global Market; or
(ii) Financial Instruments for which a request for admission to trading on such a Prescribed Market has been made.
(2) For the purposes of section 92(6), the dissemination of information by a person acting in the capacity of a journalist is to be assessed taking into account the codes governing his profession unless he derives, directly or indirectly, any advantage or profits from the dissemination of the information.
(3) Behaviour does not amount to Market Abuse for the purposes of these Regulations if —
(a) it conforms with a Rule which includes a provision to the effect that Behaviour conforming with the Rule does not amount to Market Abuse;
(b) it conforms with the Price Stabilising Rules; or
(c) it is done by a person acting on behalf of a public authority in the legitimate exercise of its public functions.