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1. Part 2 of this Chapter imposes a number of basic requirements, including the core requirement that the amount of a firm's Capital Resources must at all times exceed the amount of its Capital Requirement.
2. In particular, note that:
a. Part 3 (Calculating Capital Requirements) applies to all firms, but with differentiated calculations for Capital Requirements for the various Categories of Authorised Persons as prescribed in Sections 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5;
b. Within Part 3, an exemption from the calculation of Tier 2 (T2) Capital in relation to firms authorised to Manage a Profit Sharing Investment Account which is a PSIAu is prescribed in Rule 3.15.9; and
c. Part 4 (Calculating Capital Resources) applies to all firms, but in a differentiated manner for different Categories of firms as demonstrated in the table in Section 3.11.