Balance of skills and independence

Past version: effective from 21/10/2015 - 20/10/2015
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22. A major consideration that underpins the effectiveness of the Board is the availability at the Board level of the relevant skills, expertise and resources as are necessary to discharge the Board functions, taking due account of the nature, scale, diversity and complexity of the business of the Reporting Entity.
23. It may well be that no single Director has all the knowledge, skills and expertise needed by a Board to discharge its functions. The Board should have an appropriate number and mix of individuals to ensure that there is an overall adequate level of knowledge, skills and expertise commensurate with the nature, scale and complexity of the business of the Reporting Entity.
24. In order to ensure that the Board is equipped with the necessary skills, expertise and resources appropriate to the business of the Reporting Entity, there should be a formal, rigorous and transparent procedure for the appointment of Directors to the Board. Appointments to the Board should be made on merit and against objective criteria, with due regard to the benefits of diversity on the Board. Care should be taken to ensure that appointees have enough time available to devote to the job. This is particularly important in the case of chairmanships.
25. All Directors should be submitted for re-appointment at regular intervals, subject to continued satisfactory performance. The Board should ensure planned and progressive refreshing of the Board to ensure the on-going effectiveness of the Board, particularly the objectivity of the decision making by the Board and maintaining the skills and expertise as relevant to the Reporting Entity's business.
26. All Directors should be subject to election by Shareholders at the first annual general meeting after their appointment, and to re-election thereafter at intervals of no more than three years. The Board should satisfy itself that there is adequate succession planning in respect of Board membership and the Senior Management, so as to ensure an orderly and smooth change-over of positions whilst maintaining an appropriate balance of skills and experience within the Reporting Entity and on the Board.