MIR 6.9.6

Past version: effective from 21/10/2015 - 20/10/2015
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The procedures that the Regulator will follow in exercising its powers to make directions are:

  The Regulator will: Guidance
1. give written notice to the Recognised Body; The notice will state why the Regulator intends to take the action it proposes to take, and include an invitation to make representations, and the period within which representations should be made (unless subsequently extended by the Regulator).
2. receive representations from the Recognised Body concerned; The Regulator will not usually consider oral representations without first receiving written representations from the Recognised Body. It will normally only hear oral representations from the Recognised Body on request.
3. write promptly to Recognised Body who requests the opportunity to make oral representations if it decides not to hear that Person's representations; The Regulator will indicate why it will not hear oral representations and the Regulator will allow the Recognised Body further time to respond.
4. have regard to representations made;  
5. (when it has reached its decision) notify the Recognised Body concerned in writing.