• FUNDS 9.3 FUNDS 9.3 Prospectus content

    • FUNDS 9.3.1

      (1) The presentation of the information in a Prospectus shall be clear, fair and not misleading.
      (2) A Prospectus shall contain all the information which a person and his professional advisers would reasonably require and expect to find in a Prospectus to be able to make an informed decision to become a Unitholder of the Fund.
      (3) If at any time after the issue of a Prospectus there is a material change affecting any matter contained in the Prospectus or a significant new matter arises, the Fund Manager shall, in accordance with the requirements prescribed in these Rules, either before or promptly following the effective date of such material change or new matter, issue a Supplementary or a Replacement Prospectus.

    • Publicity

      • FUNDS 9.3.2

        (1) A person undertaking a financial promotion in respect of a Prospectus shall ensure that:
        (a) the information contained in the Prospectus complies with this Rule and the FSMR;
        (b) the Fund Manager, in the case of a Public Fund, has filed a copy of the Prospectus with the Regulator in accordance with Rule 9.2.1(b); and
        (c) the financial promotion states a Prospectus has been published and gives an address where a copy may be collected in the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
        (2) Nothing in (1) prevents a person from issuing a financial promotion before the issue of a Prospectus provided it clearly states that a Prospectus will be issued and how a copy of such Prospectus may be obtained.
        Amended on (3 February, 2020).