• COBS 15.8 COBS 15.8 Client Reporting

    • COBS 15.8.1

      An Authorised Person which provides Custody or which otherwise holds or controls any Safe Custody Investments for a Client must send a regular statement to its Client:

      (a) if it is a Retail Client at least every six months; or
      (b) if it is a Professional Client or Market Counterparty at other intervals as agreed in writing with the Professional Client or Market Counterparty.

    • COBS 15.8.2

      The statement must include:

      (a) a list of that Client's Safe Custody Investments as at the date of reporting;
      (b) a list of that Client's Collateral and the market value of that Collateral as at the date of reporting; and
      (c) details of any Client Money held by the Authorised Person as at the date of reporting.

    • COBS 15.8.3

      The statement sent to the Client must be prepared within one calendar month of the statement date.