• COBS 7.9 COBS 7.9 Placement of Insurance

    • COBS 7.9.1 Instructions

      An Insurance Intermediary must not place a Contract of Insurance with or on behalf of an insurer unless it has satisfied itself on reasonable grounds that the insurer may lawfully effect that Contract under the laws of the jurisdictions in which the insurer and the risk are located.

    • COBS 7.9.2 Quotations

      When giving a quotation, an Insurance Intermediary must take due care to ensure the accuracy of the quotation and its ability to obtain the insurance at the quoted terms.

    • COBS 7.9.3 Confirmation of Cover

      (a) An Insurer, in Effecting Contracts of Insurance, must promptly document the principal economic and coverage terms and conditions agreed upon under any Contract of Insurance and finalise such contract in a timely manner.
      (b) An Insurer or Insurance Intermediary must, as soon as reasonably practicable, provide a Client with written confirmation and details of the insurance which it has effected for the Client or has obtained on behalf of the Client, including any changes to an existing Contract of Insurance.
      (c) An Insurer or Insurance Intermediary must, as soon reasonably practicable, provide the Client with the full policy documentation where this was not included with the confirmation of cover.