• COBS 5.10 COBS 5.10 Qualification and Experience of Trust Service Provider Staff

    • COBS 5.10.1

      Staff employed or Persons recommended by the Trust Service Provider must have appropriate qualifications and experience.

    • COBS 5.10.2

      A Trust Service Provider must ensure that all transactions or decisions entered into, taken by or on behalf of Clients are properly authorised and handled by Persons with an appropriate level of knowledge, experience, qualifications and status according to the nature and status of the transactions or decisions involved (this applies also to decisions taken by trustees who are recommended by, but not employed by, a Trust Service Provider).

    • COBS 5.10.3

      A Trust Service Provider must ensure that, each of its officers and employees, agents, Persons acting with its instructions and Persons it recommends to act as trustees have an appropriate understanding of the fiduciary and other duties of a trustee and any duties arising under the laws relevant to the administration and affairs of Clients for which they are acting in the jurisdictions in which they are carrying on business and in which the assets being managed are held.

    • COBS 5.10.4

      A Trust Service Provider must ensure that staff competence is kept up to date through training and continuous professional development as appropriate.