• General

    • COBS 3.2.1 COBS 3.2.1

      When communicating information to a Person in relation to a Specified Investment or Regulated Activity, an Authorised Person must take reasonable steps to ensure that the communication is clear, fair and not misleading.

      • Guidance

        A communication addressed to a Professional Client may not need to include the same information, or be presented in the same way, as a communication addressed to a Retail Client.

    • COBS 3.2.2

      An Authorised Person must not, in any form of communication with a Person, attempt to limit or avoid any duty or liability it may have to that Person or any other Person under the ADGM Founding Law or FSMR.

    • COBS 3.2.3

      Where a Rule requires information to be sent to a Client, the Authorised Person must provide that information directly to the Client and not to another Person, unless it is on the written instructions of the Client.