• IFR A1.1 IFR A1.1 Continuing obligations — Market disclosures for listed entities

    • IFR A1.1.1

      This table forms part of IFR 7.3.2.

    • IFR A1.1.2

      A Listed Entity must, on the occurrence of an event specified in column 1, make the required disclosure detailed in column 2, within the time specified in column 3, in respect of the Securities identified with a "✔" in column 4, of this Table.

        EVENT GIVING RISE TO DISCLOSURE OBLIGATION DISCLOSURE REQUIRED TIME OF DISCLOSURE Structured Products Shares Warrants over Shares Warrants over Debentures Debentures Shares Debentures Units
      1. Any material change in the Shari'a nature of its Listed Securities as determined by the Shari'a Supervisory Board Market disclosure of the material change As soon as possible
      2. Where there are any material changes to the structure of the Listed Securities, or the use of proceeds, then the Listed Entity must obtain and disclose a new Shari'a opinion Market disclosure of the new Shari'a opinion As soon as possible