• The Register

    • 954. The register

      (1) The Registrar shall continue to keep records of–
      (a) the information contained in documents delivered to the Registrar under these Regulations, and any other law or regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, and
      (b) certificates issued by the Registrar under any law or regulation applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market .
      (2) The records relating to companies are referred to collectively in these Regulations as “the register”.
      (3) Information deriving from documents subject to the enhanced disclosure requirements must be kept by the Registrar in electronic form.
      (4) Subject to that, information contained in documents delivered to the Registrar may be recorded and kept in any form the Registrar thinks fit, provided it is possible to inspect it and produce a copy of it where permitted to do so under these Regulations.
      (5) Compliance with subsection (6) will satisfy any duty of the Registrar to keep, file or register the document or to record the information contained in it.
      (6) The records kept by the Registrar must be such that information relating to a company or other registered body is associated with that body , in such manner as the Registrar may determine, so as to enable all the information relating to the body to be retrieved.

    • 955. Annotation of the register

      (1) The Registrar must place a note in the register recording–
      (a) the date on which a document is delivered to the Registrar,
      (b) if a document is corrected under section 949, the nature and date of the correction,
      (c) if a document is replaced (whether or not material derived from it is removed), the fact that it has been replaced and the date of delivery of the replacement,
      (d) if material is removed–
      (i) what was removed (giving a general description of its contents),
      (ii) under what power, and
      (iii) the date on which that was done,
      (e) if a document is rectified under section 838, the nature and date of rectification,
      (f) if a document is replaced under section 839, the fact that it has been replaced and the date of delivery of the replacement.
      (2) The Registrar may annotate the register in such other circumstances and manners as it may decide in rules made by it under this section.
      (3) No annotation is required in the case of a document that by virtue of section 946(2) (documents not meeting requirements for proper delivery) is treated as not having been delivered.
      (4) A note may be removed if it no longer serves any useful purpose.
      (5) Any duty or power of the Registrar with respect to annotation of the register is subject to the Court’s power under section 972 (powers of Court on ordering removal of material from the register) to direct–
      (a) that a note be removed from the register, or
      (b) that no note shall be made of the removal of material that is the subject of the Court’s order.
      (6) Notes placed in the register in accordance with subsection (1), or in pursuance of an rules made under subsection (2), are part of the register for all purposes of these Regulations.

    • 956. Allocation of unique identifiers

      (1) The Registrar may make rules for the use, in connection with the register, of reference numbers (“unique identifiers”) to identify each person who–
      (a) is a director of a company, or
      (b) is secretary (or a joint secretary) of a company.
      (2) The rules may–
      (a) provide that a unique identifier may be in such form, consisting of one or more sequences of letters or numbers, as the Registrar may from time to time determine,
      (b) make provision for the allocation of unique identifiers by the Registrar,
      (c) require there to be included, in any specified description of documents delivered to the Registrar, as well as a statement of the person’s name–
      (i) a statement of the person’s unique identifier, or
      (ii) a statement that the person has not been allocated a unique identifier,
      (d) enable the Registrar to take steps where a person appears to have more than one unique identifier to discontinue the use of all but one of them.
      (3) The rules may make different provision for different descriptions of person and different descriptions of document.

    • 957. Preservation of original documents

      (1) The originals of documents delivered to the Registrar in hard copy form may, at the sole discretion of the Registrar, be destroyed (provided the information contained in them has been recorded) or returned to the party who delivered them to the Registrar.
           This is subject to section 961(5) (extent of obligation to retain material not available for public inspection).
      (2) The Registrar is under no obligation to keep the originals of documents delivered in electronic form, provided the information contained in them has been recorded

    • 958. Records relating to companies that have been dissolved etc

      (1) This section applies where a company is dissolved.
      (2) At any time after two years from the date on which it appears to the Registrar that the company has been dissolved, the Registrar may direct that records relating to the company or institution may be removed to such place as is directed by the Board, or otherwise destroyed.