• Certificates Of Incorporation

    • 939. Public notice of issue of certificate of incorporation

      (1) The Registrar must cause to be published−
      (a) on its website, or
      (b) in accordance with section 988 (alternative means of giving public notice),
           notice of the issue by the Registrar of any certificate of incorporation of a company.
      (2) The notice must state the name and registered number of the company and the date of issue of the certificate.
      (3) This section applies to a certificate of incorporation issued under–
      (a) section 67 (change of name), or
      (b) any provision of Part 7 (re-registration),
      as well as to the certificate issued on a company’s formation.

    • 940. Form and right to certificate of incorporation

      (1) Any certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar shall be in electronic form only, unless a request is made pursuant to section 940 (2).
      (2) Any person may request that the Registrar provide it with a paper copy of any certificate of incorporation of a company, signed by the Registrar or authenticated by the Registrar's seal.
      (3) The Board may make rules requiring the payment of certain fees to the Registrar for the provision of the paper copy as described in subsection 940(2).