• Supplementary

    • 211. Transactions Requiring Members’ Approval: Application Of Provisions To Shadow Directors

      (1) For the purposes of–
      (a) sections 177 and 178 (directors’ long-term service contracts),
      (b) sections 179 to 185 (property transactions),
      (c) sections 186 to 202 (loans etc.), and
      (d) sections 203 to 210 (payments for loss of office),
      a shadow director is treated as a director.
      (2) Any reference in those provisions to loss of office as a director does not apply in relation to loss of a person’s status as a shadow director.

    • 212. Approval By Written Resolution: Accidental Failure To Send Memorandum

      (1) Where–
      (a) approval under this Chapter is sought by written resolution, and
      (b) a memorandum is required under this Chapter to be sent or submitted to every eligible member before the resolution is passed,
      any accidental failure to send or submit the memorandum to one or more members shall be disregarded for the purpose of determining whether the requirement has been met.
      Subsection (1) has effect subject to any provision of the company’s articles.

    • 213. Cases Where Approval Is Required Under More Than One Provision

      (1) Approval may be required under more than one provision of this Chapter.
      (2) If so, the requirements of each applicable provision must be met.
      (3) This does not require a separate resolution for the purposes of each provision.