• PART 2 PART 2 : Protection Of Wages

    • 12. Pay Period

      (1) The Employer must pay the Employee a Basic Wage.
      (2) The Pay Period during which the Employee's Basic Wages are paid shall not exceed 1 month and the Basic Wages (and Vacation Pay) must be paid within 7 Days of the end of the relevant Pay Period.

    • 13. Payment where the employment is terminated

      On termination of employment, an Employer shall pay all Wages and any other amounts owing to an Employee within 14 Days of such sums becoming due.

    • 14. No unauthorised deductions

      (1) An Employer shall not deduct from an Employee's Wages or accept a payment from an Employee, unless –
      (a) the deduction or payment is required or authorised under legislation that is applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market or the Employee's Contract of Employment;
      (b) the Employee has previously agreed in writing to the deduction or payment;
      (c) the deduction or payment is a reimbursement for an overpayment of Wages or expenses; or
      (d) the deduction or payment has been ordered by the Abu Dhabi Global Market Court.
      (2) The Employer may not request or demand or accept any sum from the Employee as reimbursement for costs incurred by the Employer in respect of its obligations pursuant to section 4.

    • 15. No charge for hiring or providing information

      (1) A person shall not request, charge or receive, directly or indirectly, from a person seeking employment a payment for –
      (a) employing or obtaining employment for the person seeking employment; or
      (b) providing information about Employers seeking Employees.
      (2) A person does not contravene this section by requesting, charging or receiving payment for any form of advertisement from the person who placed the advertisement.
      (3) A payment received by a person in contravention of this section is deemed to be Wages owing or a debt due to the person seeking employment.