• PART 1: PART 1: General

    • 1. Title

      These Regulations may be cited as the "Arbitration Regulations 2015".

    • 2. Legislative authority

      These Regulations are made by the Board.

    • 3. Application of the Regulations

      (1) These Regulations apply in the whole of the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
      (2) The provisions of Federal Law No.(6) of 2018 on Arbitration, or any other Federal Law in respect of arbitration, shall not apply in respect of arbitrations or arbitral awards that are subject to these Regulations.

    • 4. Date of enactment

      These Regulations are enacted on the date specified by the Board in the resolution approving the adoption of these Regulations.

    • 5. Date of commencement

      These Regulations come into force on the date of their publication. The Board may by rules make any transitional, transitory, consequential, saving, incidental or supplementary provision in relation to the commencement of these Regulations as the Board thinks fit.

    • 6. Language

      The English text of these Regulations shall be the official original text. Any translation thereof into another language shall not be authoritative and in the event of any discrepancy between the English text of these Regulations and any other version, the English text shall prevail.

    • 7. Interpretation

      Schedule 1 contains:

      (a) interpretative provisions which apply to these Regulations; and
      (b) a list of defined terms used in these Regulations.