• 156. Purpose of these Regulations

      (1) These Regulations are intended to establish a system of registration for real property, and in particular —
      (a) to provide assurances as to title to real property within the Abu Dhabi Global Market Area;
      (b) to define the powers and functions of the Registrar in relation to real property within the Abu Dhabi Global Market Area; and
      (c) in particular, provide for a system whereby the Registrar in furtherance of the Abu Dhabi Global Market Law, shall be permitted to create folios of the real property in order to facilitate dealings in such real property as of the date of the effectiveness of these Regulations.

    • 157. Short Title, extent and commencement

      (1) These Regulations may be cited as the Real Property Regulations 2015.
      (2) These Regulations apply to real property within the Abu Dhabi Global Market Area.
      (3) These Regulations shall come into force on the date of their publication. The Board may by rules make any transitional, transitory, consequential, saving, incidental or supplementary provision in relation to the commencement of these Regulations as the Board thinks fit.
      (4) The Board may, in its discretion, from time to time elect to assign, transfer and/or delegate to one or more Relevant Authorities its rights of review, approval, issuance of permits, licensing, and other municipal and/or governmental or quasi-governmental rights or functions which the Abu Dhabi Global Market would otherwise be entitled to exercise from time to time with respect to land use, building, construction, public safety and similar matters, and reserves the right to revoke or modify such assignments, transfers and/or delegations from time to time, thereby causing the Abu Dhabi Global Market to resume responsibility therefor by the Abu Dhabi Global Market or any instrumentality therefor or designating another or replacement Relevant Authority to perform such functions.