• 93. Registration of personal representative

      (1) A person may lodge an application to be registered as personal representative of a deceased registered owner.
      (2) If the Registrar determines that the person is entitled to be so registered, the Registrar may register the person as owner in the capacity of personal representative.
      (3) The Registrar shall rely upon documentation bearing the seal or stamp of a UAE court as evidence of a person's authentic entitlement to such registration.

    • 94. Dealings without registration of personal representative

      (1) The Registrar may register a dealing by the personal representative of a deceased registered owner on behalf of such deceased registered owner, without requiring the personal representative to be registered if the Registrar determines it to be unnecessary or impractical to do so.
      (2) Before acting under subsection (1), the Registrar may require whatever evidence the Registrar determines necessary to protect the interests of those whom the Registrar determines to be entitled to the deceased's estate.

    • 95. Notice of death or defeasance

      (1) A person entitled to real property on the death of a joint tenant or life tenant may apply to the Registrar to register the death.
      (2) If the Registrar determines that the death has occurred, the Registrar may make the appropriate registering in the folio to indicate that the deceased's interest has determined and that the real property has vested in the survivor or in the person entitled to the reversion or remainder.
      (3) Where these Regulations make no express provision for registering the defeasance of an interest in real property, the Registrar may register the defeasance in the way the Registrar determines appropriate.