• 29. Standard contents and authentication of applications to the Court

      (1) An application to Court must state —
      (a) that the application is made under these Regulations;
      (b) the Section of these Regulations or paragraph of a Schedule to these Regulations under which it is made;
      (c) the names of the parties;
      (d) the name of the Company or non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Company which is the subject of the insolvency proceedings to which the application relates;
      (e) where the Court has previously allocated a number to the Insolvency Proceedings within which the application is made, that number;
      (f) the nature of the remedy or order applied for or the directions sought from the Court;
      (g) the names and addresses of the persons on whom it is intended to serve the application or that no person is intended to be served;
      (h) where these Regulations require that notice of the application be delivered to specified persons, the names and addresses of all those persons (so far as known to the applicant); and
      (i) the applicant's address for service.
      (2) The application must be authenticated by or on behalf of the applicant or the applicant's solicitor or legal representative.