• 22. Standard contents of notices to be delivered to persons other than the Registrar

      (1) This Part 6 applies to notices which these Regulations require to be delivered to any person other than the Registrar.
      (2) Such notices must contain the standard contents set out in this Part 6 in addition to any content specifically required by these Regulations.
      (3) A notice of more than one nature must satisfy the requirements which apply to each.
      (4) However the requirements in respect of a document which is to be delivered to another person at the same time as the Registrar, may be satisfied by delivering to that other person a copy of the document delivered to the Registrar.

    • 23. Standard contents of all notices

      A notice must —

      (a) specify the nature of the notice;
      (b) in the case of proceedings relating to a Company or, if applicable, a non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Company, identify the Company or the non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Company;
      (c) specify the Section of these Regulations, paragraph of a Schedule to these Regulations or other provision of these Regulations under which the notice is given; and
      (d) in the case of a notice delivered by the Office-holder, specify the contact details for the Office-holder.

    • 24. Standard contents of notices relating to the office of Office-holders

      A notice relating to the office of the Office-holder must also identify the Office-holder and specify —

      (a) the date of the event of which notice is delivered;
      (b) where the notice relates to an appointment, the person making the appointment or, if the Court is making the appointment, then specify that it is doing so; and
      (c) where the notice relates to the termination of an appointment, the reason for that termination.

    • 25. Standard contents of notices relating to documents

      A notice relating to a document must also specify —

      (a) the nature of the document;
      (b) the date of the document; and
      (c) where the document relates to a period of time, the period of time to which the document relates.

    • 26. Standard contents of notices relating to Court proceedings or orders

      A notice relating to Court proceedings must also identify those proceedings and if the notice relates to a Court order specify —

      (a) the nature of the Court order; and
      (b) the date of the order.

    • 27. Standard contents of notices of the results of meetings

      A notice of the result of a meeting must also specify —

      (a) the purpose of and venue for the meeting;
      (b) whether a required quorum was in attendance for the meeting to take place; and
      (c) if the meeting took place, the outcome of the meeting (including any resolutions passed).

    • 28. Standard contents of returns or reports of matters considered by correspondence

      A return or report of matters, consideration of which has been sought by correspondence, must also specify —

      (a) the purpose of the consideration; and
      (b) the outcome of the consideration (including any resolutions passed or deemed to be passed).