• 4. Requirement for writing

      A notice or statement must be in writing unless a provision in these Regulations provides otherwise.

    • 5. Form

      (1) A document must be in electronic or hard-copy form.
      (2) A document in electronic form must be capable of being —
      (a) read by the recipient in electronic form; and
      (b) reproduced by the recipient in hard-copy form.

    • 6. Authentication

      (1) A document in electronic form is sufficiently authenticated —
      (a) if the identity of the sender is confirmed in a manner specified by the recipient; or
      (b) where the recipient has not so specified, if the communication contains or is accompanied by a statement of the identity of the sender and the recipient has no reason to doubt the truth of that statement.
      (2) A document in hard-copy form is sufficiently authenticated if it is signed.
      (3) If a document is authenticated by the signature of an individual on behalf of —
      (a) a body of persons, the document must also state the position of that individual in relation to the body;
      (b) a body corporate of which the individual is the sole member, the document must also state that fact.

    • 7. Information required to identify persons and proceedings

      Where these Regulations require a document to identify various persons, provide contact details for an Office-holder or identify proceedings that must be done by providing the information set out below.

      Company or unregistered company In the case of a Company —
      (1) its registered name; and
      (2) its registered number or equivalent.
      In the case of a non Abu Dhabi Global Market Company —
      (1) its name;
      (2) the country or territory in which it is incorporated;
      (3) the postal address of its principal place of business; and
      (4) the number, if any, under which it is so registered.
      (1) full name; and
      (2) residential address (subject to any order for limited disclosure under the Civil Procedure Rules).
      Office-holder or proposed Office-holder
      (1) the name of the Office-holder or proposed Office-holder; and
      (2) the nature of the appointment held by the Office-holder or to be held by the proposed Office-holder.
      contact details for an Office-holder
      (1) a postal address for the Office-holder; and
      (2) either an email address, or a telephone number, through which the Office-holder may be contacted.
      (1) for proceedings relating to a Company or unregistered company, the information identifying the Company or unregistered company; and
      (2) if applicable, any number assigned by the Court to those proceedings.