• Part 5 Part 5 The Board

    • 16. Power to make rules

      (1) The Board may make rules in respect of any matters related to the Processing of Personal Data.
      (2) In particular, the Board when exercising the power in subsection (1) may make rules in respect of —
      (a) forms, procedures and requirements under these Regulations (including any fees to be paid in connection with any application or notification in addition to those fees outlined in Schedule 4 to these Regulations);
      (b) the keeping of the register of notifications established under section 13; and
      (c) the conduct of the Registrar and its staff in relation to the exercise of powers and performance of functions under these Regulations.
      (3) Where the Board issues a standard or code of practice, the Board may incorporate such a standard or code into the rules by reference and in such circumstances, except to the extent that the rules otherwise provide, a person who is subject to the provisions of any such standard or code shall comply with such provisions as if they were provisions of the rules.
      (4) Where any rules made for the purpose of these Regulations purport to be made in exercise of a particular power or powers, they shall be taken also to be made in the exercise of all powers under which they may be made.