• Part 3 Part 3 Notifications to the Registrar

    • 12. Requirement to notify the Registrar

      (1) In order to be entitled to operate in such a capacity, a Data Controller must first be registered as a data controller with the Registrar. A data controller shall notify the Registrar of its intention to become a Data Controller in the required form. A Data Controller shall establish and maintain records of any Personal Data Processing operations or set of such operations intended to secure a single purpose or several related purposes.
      (2) The Registrar may by written notification prescribe —
      (a) the information in relation to Personal Data Processing operations that shall be recorded for the purposes of subsection (1);
      (b) the circumstances in which a Data Controller shall notify the Registrar of any operations referred to in subsection (1); and
      (c) the content of any such notification and any fees to be paid on such notification.
      (3) A Data Controller must also notify the Registrar of —
      (a) an intention to renew its annual registration as a Data Controller;
      (b) an intention to change any appointed Data Processor;
      (c) any change in the particulars of any appointed Data Processor; and
      (d) any change in its business contact details.
      (4) Natural persons acting in their capacity as staff for a Data Controller or Data Processor are not subject to any personal obligations to register or make notifications under these Regulations.

    • 13. Register of notifications

      The Registrar shall keep a register of Personal Data Processing operations and other information notified in accordance with section 12 available for inspection during normal business hours by any person.