• Chapter 14 Chapter 14 Operating a Representative Office

    • The activity

      • 67. Operating a Representative Office

        (1) Operating a Representative Office is a Regulated Activity.
        (2) Operating a Representative Office means the marketing, from an establishment in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, of one or more financial services or investments which are offered in a jurisdiction other than the Abu Dhabi Global Market
        (3) For the purposes of this paragraph, "marketing" means —
        (a) providing information on one or more investments or financial services;
        (b) engaging in promotions in relation to such information provision; or
        (c) making introductions or referrals in connection with the offer of financial services or investments;
        provided that such activities do not constitute —
        (i) advising on Specified Investments; or
        (ii) receiving and transmitting orders in relation to a Specified Investment.
        (4) An Authorised Person which is authorised to Operate a Representative Office may not have a Financial Services Permission to carry on any other Regulated Activity.
        (5) An Authorised Person which does not have a Financial Services Permission to Operate a Representative Office does not Operate a Representative Office if it undertakes any activities of the kind described in sub-paragraph (3) that constitute marketing.
        (6) Any communication which amounts to marketing in respect of a financial service or investment, which is issued by or on behalf of a Government or non-commercial governmental entity, does not constitute marketing for the purposes of sub-paragraph (3).