• PRU A1.1 PRU A1.1 Categorisation of Authorised Persons

      • Guidance

        1. This Section contains the table referred to in the Guidance notes at the commencement of Section 1.3 of these Rules. This table is for guidance purposes only.
        2. The activities set out in the boxes in the table are Regulated Activities (see the FSMR). The Regulated Activities that an Authorised Person is authorised to carry on are specified in its Financial Services Permission. The Regulated Activities described in the emboldened boxes in the table are the determinants for the prudential Category to which the Authorised Person is assigned.
        3. Where a Person carries on any one or more of the Regulated Activities specified in an emboldened box under a Category, then the highest such Category is that Person's prudential Category for the purposes of these Rules.
        4. An exception to the above is an Islamic Financial Institution which Manages a Profit Sharing Investment Account which is a PSIAu. Such an institution falls into Category 5.
        5. This is not a definitive list of the Regulated Activities detailed in the FSMR: others exist that are not subject to these Rules.