• MKT 7.7 MKT 7.7 Manner of market disclosure

    • MKT 7.7.1

      (1) When a Reporting Entity is required to make market disclosure of any information, such information must be released to the market by way of an announcement made:
      (a) to the Recognised Body on which the Securities are admitted to trading;
      (b) on the website of the Reporting Entity; and
      (c) to any approved regulatory announcement service.
      (2) The disclosure in (1) must also be concurrently provided to the Regulator.
      (3) Without prejudice to its obligations relating to market disclosure, a Reporting Entity must take reasonable care to ensure that any information it is required to disclose is clear, fair, and not false, misleading, or deceptive.

    • MKT 7.7.2

      The Regulator may, upon application by a Person or on its own initiative, approve a regulatory announcement service for the purposes of making the Disclosure in 7.7.1.

    • MKT 7.7.3

      A Reporting Entity must retain on its website all information that has been disclosed to markets for a period of one year following publication.