• MKT 4.12 MKT 4.12 Advertisements

    • MKT 4.12.1 MKT 4.12.1

      (1) A Person who makes a Prospectus Offer must not, and must ensure that any agent of that Person or a member of its Group or other Persons associated or connected with the Prospectus Offer do not, during the Offer Period, make an advertisement relating to a Prospectus Offer unless the advertisement:
      (a) states that a Prospectus has been approved by the Regulator and published or is to be published; and
      (b) gives an address from which a Prospectus is or will be made available in the ADGM or provides a link to a website from which the Prospectus can be accessed.
      (2) Where a Person making a Prospectus Offer uses a Prospectus that comprises multiple documents as provided in Rule 4.5.1(1), the obligation to give or provide access to a Prospectus in (b) means giving or providing access to all the documents comprising the Prospectus.

      • Guidance

        The requirements relating to advertisements in Rule 4.12.1 do not apply, due to the definitional exclusion provided in section 59 of the FSMR, to any communication:

        a. made in connection with the trading of Securities on a Recognised Body or Regulated Exchanges;
        b. made for the purposes of complying with the on-going reporting requirements of a Recognised Body or the Regulator; or
        c. which is an Exempt Communication as defined in Rule 4.2.1.