• MKT 4.5.4 MKT 4.5.4

    Where a Prospectus contains a Registration Statement produced prior to the date of the Summary and the Securities Note, the Person producing the Prospectus must ensure that both the Summary and the Securities Note:

    (1) state the date of preparation of the Registration Statement; and
    (2) update any disclosure in the Registration Statement to the extent necessary in order to comply with these Rules by setting out on the front page of the Securities Note:
    (a) if relevant, the website at which any subsequent disclosure is available; and
    (b) an address at which the full text of any such disclosures is made available free of charge.

    • Guidance

      1. The above provisions are designed to provide flexibility so that Persons making Prospectus Offers can make multiple Offers using the same Registration Statement. However, care should be taken to ensure that the Registrations Statement and the Securities Note together provide all the information required to be contained in a Prospectus pursuant to section 62 of the FSMR and these Rules.
      2. There are additional disclosure requirements applicable to Islamic Securities contained in the IFR module.
      3. Where the term "Prospectus Offer" is used in this section reference to a Person, such a Person is either making an Offer of Securities to the Public or seeking to have Securities admitted to trading on a Recognised Body.