• Suspension or delisting at the Listed Entity's request

    • MKT 2.6.3 MKT 2.6.3

      (1) If a Listed Entity wishes to have its Listed Securities suspended or delisted from the List, it must submit a request in writing to the Regulator and include:
      (a) the reasons for the request;
      (b) the date and time on which the suspension or delisting is to take place; and
      (c) any other information regarding the Securities or the circumstances of the suspension or delisting which the Regulator requires.
      (2) The Regulator may impose such conditions or requirements as it considers appropriate on the suspension or delisting in (1).

      • Guidance

        1. A Listed Entity requesting delisting should submit such request in reasonable time for the Regulator to consider the request and satisfy the Regulator that a delisting would be appropriate.
        2. A Listed Entity requesting cancellation of its listing should provide existing security holders with sufficient notice prior to the cancellation date.
        3. An example of the type of condition the Regulator may impose pursuant to Rule 2.6.3(2) is the imposition of a time limit for the suspension.