• Working capital

    • MKT 2.3.3 MKT 2.3.3

      An Applicant seeking admission of Shares to the List must satisfy the Regulator that it and any Subsidiaries have sufficient working capital available for its present requirements or, if not, how it proposes to provide the additional working capital needed.

      • Guidance

        1. For the purposes of Rule 2.3.3, the Regulator considers "present requirements" to be a minimum period of 12 months from date of listing.
        2. Rule 1.4 of A1.2.2 requires the Directors of an Issuer in its Prospectus to make a statement that it has sufficient working capital for its present requirements (i.e. a "clean" working capital statement). If an Applicant is unable to make a clean working capital statement, the Applicant would need to make a statement that it does not have sufficient working capital and explain how additional working capital will be provided.