• MIR 1.1.1

      The Rules and guidance in this Rulebook apply to Recognised Bodies and Remote Bodies that carry on, or intend to carry on, business in or from the Abu Dhabi Global Market, and to Applicants for recognition as a Recognised Body.

    • MIR 1.1.2

      Where this rulebook states that the Regulator may have regard to any factor in assessing or determining whether a Recognition Requirement is satisfied, it means that the Regulator will take that factor into account so far as it is relevant.

    • MIR 1.1.3

      In determining whether a Recognised Body satisfies the Recognition Requirements, the Regulator will have regard to any relevant factor, including, but not limited to, the factors specifically discussed in this rulebook. Chapters 1 – 6 only apply to Recognised Bodies.

    • MIR 1.1.4

      Table 1.1.4 below sets out further applicable requirements to Recognised Bodies that are contained in GEN and COBS.

      Rule title Rule Reference All ADGM Recognised
      1 Emergency GEN Rule 4.3.1
      2 Disclosure of regulatory status GEN Rule 4.4.1 & 4.4.2
      3 Location of offices GEN Rule 4.5.1
      4 Close links GEN Rule 4.6.1
      5 Communications with the Regulator in English GEN Rule 4.9
      6 Information gathering and the Regulator’s access
      to information
      GEN Rule 8.1
      7 Waivers GEN Rule 8.2
      8 Controllers GEN
      9 Notifications GEN Rule 8.10
      10 Accuracy of information GEN Rule 8.10.11
      11 Skilled person GEN Rule 8.12.2
      Imposing restrictions on Recognised Body’s and
      Recognised Body’s dealing with property
      GEN Rule 8.13
      Pooling and distribution
      COBS Rule 14.4.3(h)
      * Recognised Clearing
      Houses only


    • MIR 1.1.5

      Separately, chapter 7 of this Rulebook applies only to Remote Bodies who are granted a Recognition Order, or seek a Recognition Order.

    • MIR 1.1.6

      Chapter 8 of this Rulebook applies to Remote Members who are admitted, or intend to be admitted, as Members of a Recognised Body.